Rumour has it that Le Singe Blanc is a sort of excitable yeti stomping around the Vosges Mountains. Some say it is a mutant with bulging eyes and a red behind, pacing through the dawn mists near the nuclear plant at Cattenom (57). But all this is just talk.

We know that Le Singe Blanc was born in Metz in the autumn of 2000. And that it is the city’s most electrifying trio. Imposing their nonsensical anti-pop sound and mouth-watering lyrics with heavy blows of bass and drums, the band scoured the bars and squats of France and Navarre before taking on Europe (from Belgium to Spain stopping off in Italy, Germany and Austria). Leaving a stream of automatic creations (LSB 01; 8 tracks. 2001 & LSB 02; 5 tracks. 2002) and semi-automatic creations in their wake, and picking up a Belgian distributor - Mandaï distribution - along the way (for Gol-Goth-Attack; 21 tracks. 2003 & Witz. 14 tracks. 2004), today they are bringing out the big guns in association with Keben records for the release of their latest album entitled Strak!, a dangerously excitable offering which should start flying off the shelves of record shops as from October 2006 (distributed in France via Overcome; in Japan via Town tone and in Benelux via Mandaï).

With journalists now falling over themselves to write about them, LSB hits the road again in September to provoke meltdown in the brains of heavy metal fans as far afield as China! Let it be known far and wide that Le Singe Blanc is let loose and lovin' it.